Proactively maintain your masonry structures!

Typically, joints break-down due to weak lime mortar or exposure to extreme temperatures.  Tuckpointing is carried out when the existing mortar joints break down and start to crumble, Aholes in the masonry work.  This deterioration can lead to structural damage and cracking. 
The REPOINTING process involves removal of the remaining joints to a depth of 30mm, followed by an injection of new mortar, and finished to match the pre-existing joints.
Inappropriate pointing can easily damage old masonry work, so for practical and aesthetic reasons, it is imperative to have such work completed by skilled masonries.

Masonry tends to be heavy and must be built upon a strong foundation, such as reinforced concrete, to avoid settling and cracking.  However, even with proper construction, time and/or extreme weather conditions may consequently exhibit the need for seasonal maintenance of your FOUNDATION.  To maintain and ensure the safety of your structure, contact us for an inspection.

When you feel that your FIREPLACE & CHIMNEY could benefit from a precision SWEEP & INSPECTION, contact us for tailored, quality work.

Does your masonry structure need a facelift?  We provide SANDBLAST & SEAL services for almost any requirement.  Our sealant goes on clear, dries in minutes and protects your structure for 25 years!